Our 25-day professional dog grooming course

Our 25-day professional dog grooming course

Ready to change your life? Dive into a new career, that is rewarding, creative and works around you.

Professional dog grooming is a rapidly expanding industry that provides a high level of hands-on work and steady employment for many animal lovers. Work a flexible schedule and reap all the benefits of owning a small business.

Our 25-day professional dog grooming course will get you qualified to do all the above. The best thing? You can go from being a novice to a professional dog groomer or pet stylist in less than a month! Our course is run by the finest tutors who are leaders in their field, meaning you have access to the best possible learning resources to ensure that you come away confident with your dog grooming qualifications.

You will receive a dog grooming qualification that is nationally recognised, with no formal written or practical assessments.
Your dog grooming qualification will cover the following units:
How to, Plan, Record and Assess Dog Grooming Work
Carry Out Canine First Aid
Dog Grooming – Styling and Finishing dogs – Learn How To Work With Different Types of Coat and Use a Variety of Equipment
Carry Out Health Checks on a Dog by a Dog Groomer
How to Promote and Maintain the Health and Well-Being of Animals
Customer Service, How To Welcome, Receive and Care for Customers

At the end of the dog grooming course you will receive a:
A FREE certificate in Animal Handling and Animal First Aid
A FREE business management certificate giving you guidance in running your own salon and customer relations

Our 25-day professional dog grooming course is the perfect course for anybody that is thinking of changing careers, and beginning their journey in as a full-time dog groomer!