Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are our most frequently asked questions about our courses. If you need any further information then please do give us a call or email us.


Do I need any experience before I start the course?

There is no need for any previous experience. All that is need is a willingness to learn!

Do I need to bring a dog/dogs to groom?

We will supply all the dogs that you need to groom but if you would like to bring your own dog or your friend’s dogs in order to learn how to groom them then that’s fine. Just let us know in advance and there will be no extra cost.

Do I have to do 5 days a week?

No you can split the course up how you wish. The course is structured to suit the individual. Whilst we can take students who wish to do one or two days a week, we recommend that at some point during the course you have at least five days in a row as this help with memory and flow.

When do the courses run?

The courses run throughout the year and can begin on a date that is convenient for the student.

Do I need to bring any equipment or anything with me?

We will provide everything needed during your course.

Will I be grooming myself during the course?

The course is very hands -on and you will be grooming 2 dogs everyday from start to finish.

Will I have learnt enough during the course to set up my own business?

On the 22 day course you will learn all the main styles and will have had lots of experience with clipping, scissoring and hand stripping to feel confident enough to go it alone. Plus we are only a phone call away if you are feeling a bit unsure and need some reassurance.

How do I make payment?

The One Day course is payable in advance and the for the longer courses, a 10% deposit will be required to ensure that your place is reserved for you. The remaining cost of your course is payable 10 working days prior to the start date.