Grooming Guide - Border Terrier Handstrip

How to handstrip a Border Terrier at home. Watch as Julie Lalou handstrips a pet Border Terrier. A Border Terrier has a clean all-over strip meaning that the whole dog is stripped right back. For the show ring, these dogs should have a rolled coat, however that would involve stripping sections of the coat weekly which is unrealistic for pet dogs. Therefore we wait until the dog has a blown coat and strip it right back to undercoat two to four times a year. Featured below, the lovely Alfie is owned by Dog World boss Stuart Baillie.

Grooming Guide - West Highland White Terrier Pet Trim

How to groom a West Highland White Terrier. Julie Lalou, takes you though grooming a Westie step-by-step. Sponsored by Wahl Clipper. She is using the new ultra-quiet and very light Wahl KM5 clipper.

Grooming Guide - Lakeland Clip/Pet Trim

Watch as Julie Lalou clips a Lakeland Terrier in a Pet trim. Bea is a three-year-old pet Lakeland Terrier. She is neutered and has been clipped from a puppy. She therefore does not have the harsh wiry coat that Lakeland Terriers should have, she has a soft textured coat. She has been clipped to a breed Standard outline.