The Dogs Delight 1 Day Grooming Course

Julie Lalou

We can’t all dive headfirst into a new career. Some of us need to know whether we are “right” for our dream job… And some of us? Well, some of us would just like to know how to groom our dogs!

We have created the perfect dog grooming course for dog owners and aspiring groomers alike! As well as our more in-depth OCN Grooming Courses and City and Guilds Grooming Courses, our 1 day “learn to groom course” teaches you how to fully groom your dog from start to finish. Discover how to give your dog the perfect look, with confidence! Or dip your toe in the water to see if dog grooming is right for you!

Future students will experience an insight into the world of professional grooming. Develop an understanding of what the longer courses involve and have the chance to see how the courses are carried out.
All students enrolled on our 1-day dog grooming course will be given notes as well as before and after pictures and all equipment and overalls will be supplied; meaning you can come in with any level of knowledge, and avoid spending hundreds on equipment!
Here at Dogs Delight, we are multi-award winning. Not only for our dog grooming salon, but we have been nominated 3 times for “Grooming School of the Year” which we won in 2016. Making us your best choice for dog grooming courses.

Professional dog grooming is a rapidly expanding industry that provides a high level of hands-on work and steady employment for many animal lovers. If you’d like to start a creative career that works around you, join us and fellow animal lovers in our taster session or learn to groom your dog day!

Find out more about our 1-day grooming course, all inclusive City and Guilds Course, OCN Professional Dog Grooming Course and all our Dog Grooming Courses.